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Consultation on the draft three-year strategy for EPRA
posted on 13 Mar, 2020   (public)
Consultation on the new Draft three-year Strategy (2020-2022) for EPRA to be circulated to members and stakeholders for discussion and debate.
Antwerp - Agenda
posted on 18 Feb, 2020   (public)
Draft Agenda for the 51st EPRA Meeting in Antwerp on 13-15 May 2020 (last updated on 17 March)
EPRA Meeting Antwerp: Participation Fee form
posted on 17 Feb, 2020   (public)
Participation Fee form (due for the 4th and every further member of your delegation each) . Please fill out this form and email it before 31th March 2020 to: Mr. Dirk Peereman...
EPRA's Work Programme for 2020
posted on 14 Feb, 2020   (public)
EPRA's Work Programme for 2020 as adopted by the Executive Board on 31 January 2020 in Munich - taking into account the feedback of EPRA members and external parties during the consultation period....
#You'reMissingOut Campaign - Catalan Audiovisual Council to boost media coverage of women's sport
by Mònica Duran (CAC - ES) posted on 05 Feb, 2020   (public)
Media Commitment to promote Women's sport in the framework of the #You'reMissingOut Campaign of the Catalan CAC. The document includes media coverage commitments, media outlet commitments and a...
Media Literacy in Bavaria: presentation of BLM legal remit, rationale and concept
posted on 05 Feb, 2020   (public)
Presentation by Siegfried Schneider, BLM President, of the legal remit, the underlying rationale and concept of the media literacy activities conducted by the Bavarian regulatory authority BLM
Media Literacy in Bavaria: presentation of BLM ML activities
posted on 05 Feb, 2020   (public)
Presentation by Jutta Schirmacher, Department of media literacy and the protection of minors, on the media literacy projects and initiatives for citizens, users and consumers conducted by the...
Media Literacy in Bavaria: presentation of Mediaschool Bayern
posted on 05 Feb, 2020   (public)
Presentation by Klaus Kranewitter, Head of Programme MEDIASCHOOL Bayern, on training of people working in the media ("Educating journalists for a future with new technologies").
Reviewing EPRA's first 3-year strategy - Final document
posted on 15 Jan, 2020   (public)
Review of the EPRA Strategy for the period 2017-2019, as adopted by the members during the Athens meeting on 25 October 2019.
Work Programme 2020 - Consultation
posted on 10 Jan, 2020   (public)
This draft Annual Work Programme lays out EPRA’s priorities and anticipated work for 2020. The draft WP is entering a consultation phase to assess support and coordinate individual authorities’...
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