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Vienna - Plenary 1: News in Digital Age: the role of regulators - Presentation by Lubos Kuklis, CBR (SK)
posted on 24 Oct, 2017   (public)
Presentation by Lubos Kuklis, CBR (SK), given during the Plenary Session 1 "News in Digital Age: the role of regulators" which took place on 12 October 2017 in Vienna
EPRA Work programme for 2017
posted on 20 Jan, 2017   (public)
This Annual Work Programme, which lays out EPRA’s priorities and anticipated work for 2017, was prepared by assembling member authorities’ suggestions collected further to a call for topics....
EPRA Work Programme 2016
posted on 12 Feb, 2016   (public)
EPRA's annual Work Programme aims to enhance transparency for members and external stakeholders of EPRA’s priorities and work for 2016. The Board prepared this programme based on members’...
Portoroz - WG3: News & Current Affairs: Regulatory Approaches - Background Document
posted on 23 May, 2012   (public)
Background Document (EPRA/2012/05) prepared by Maida Ćulahović, CRA, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the working group 3 News & Current Affairs: Regulatory Approaches, 35th EPRA Meeting, Portorož, 30...
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