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Executive Board

posted on 09 November, 2011 10:54 , last updated on 22 March, 2021 18:07   (public)


From left to right: Oliver Gerber, Helena Mandic, Maria Donde, Johanna Fell, Emmanuelle Machet (Head of EPRA Secretariat) et Mari Velsand
Oliver Gerber retired from the Board with effect from 16 November 2020 due to having taken on a new function at OFCOM (Switzerland). The Board will continue to serve EPRA in the current composition until the end of its term in May 2021 when a new Board will be elected by members.


EPRA Chairperson

Helena Mandic - Photo

Helena Mandić

Director of Legal Affairs, Communications Regulatory Agency (Regulatorna agencija za komunikacije), Bosnia and Herzegovina

Helena Mandić was elected as EPRA Chairperson at the 49th EPRA Meeting in Sarajevo, on 31 May 2019. She has been active in the EPRA Board since May 2013 and was EPRA Chairperson from May 2014 to May 2015.

A graduate from the Sarajevo Faculty of Law, Helena Mandić has worked in the CRA since its inception in 1998 where she was successively Head of Legal Department; Head of Programme Standards, Complaints and Broadcasting Regulation and Director of Broadcasting. Helena participated in the work of expert groups drafting the BiH Press Code as well as laws on defamation, freedom of information and communications. She has also been a member of the team representing BiH in cases before the Human Rights Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the work of the Standing Committee for Transfrontier Television and chaired the meetings of the Executive Council of the European Audiovisual Observatory during the BiH Presidency. Helena is a co-author of  "Media Law in BiH", a comprehensive overview of the media law framework in BiH.

Further to the EPRA Statutes, the Chairperson chairs the meetings and represents the EPRA in its external relations. He/she is also responsible for the agenda and the minutes of the meetings.


EPRA Vice-Chairperson

Maria Donde

Head of International Content Policy, Ofcom, United Kingdom

Maria Donde was re-elected as EPRA Vice-Chairperson at the 49th EPRA Meeting in Sarajevo, on 31 May 2019. She has been active in the EPRA Board since May 2018.

Maria works for Ofcom as Head of International Content Policy, covering media, content and broadcasting issues. She leads on Ofcom’s engagement with other European media regulators, most particularly through EPRA, as well as international bodies, and represents Ofcom on the full range of media policy questions. She oversaw Ofcom’s input into the recently concluded negotiations on the AVMS Directive and manages its relationship with the European Commission on matters relating to the Directive.

Maria has been actively involved in the work of the EPRA network for the last six years, having acted as content producer for several working groups and plenary sessions. She directly supported Monica Arino during her time as EPRA Board Member and was responsible for Ofcom’s hosting of EPRA in Edinburgh in 2017.

Her regulatory background is in advertising, having spent four years at the Advertising Standards Authority before joining Ofcom’s Broadcasting Standards department. Prior to that, she worked in media analysis, and before that as a radio producer for the BBC World Service. She has a Modern Languages degree from Cambridge University and a Masters degree in Literary Translation.

Senior EPRA Vice-Chairperson

Johanna E. Fell

European Representative at the Bavarian regulatory authority for new media (Bayerische Landeszentrale für neue Medien - BLM), Germany

Johanna Fell was re-elected as EPRA Vice-Chairperson at the 49th EPRA Meeting in Sarajevo, on 31 May 2019. She has been active in the EPRA Board since May 2015.

Johanna Fell works for the Bavarian regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting (BLM) in Munich. Following university where she studied English and Russian, she worked in England for various multilingual publications as a translator/editor from 1979 – 1986. After two years as deputy head of the translation department of a major German energy supplier, she joined the BLM in 1988. She is Assistant to the President, the European Representative of the BLM and has been involved with EPRA in this function since its second meeting.

She regularly participates in activities aiming at the build-up of media regulation in the newer democracies in Eastern Europe as an expert for the Council of Europe, the European Commission and the OSCE and co-operates with media regulators world-wide.



EPRA Vice-Chairperson

Helena Mandic - Photo
Mari Velsand

Director General at at the Norwegian Media Authority (Medietilsynet), Norway

Mari Velsand was elected as EPRA Vice-Chairperson at the 49th EPRA Meeting in Sarajevo, on 31 May 2019. Mari Velsand is Director General at the Norwegian Media Authority, a position she has held since 2017.

When she entered the authority, she came from the media business, where she for more than 20 years held different management positions. She has been a part of the top management team at NRK (the Norwegian public broadcasting company), Chief Editor of the national newspaper Nationen and Executive Vice President at Amedia, the second largest media company in Norway.

Mari has studied journalism and has a master of management from the Norwegian school of management, BI.

She has also over the years held a number of board positions within the Norwegian media industry, and she has been Norway’s representative in the board of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN IFRA).