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Newly established EPRA MIL Taskforce publishes guidance document
posted on 11 June, 2018   (public)
Top Tips on how to set up a national Media Literacy Network A new Taskforce for Media Literacy, established by EPRA, met for the first time on the eve of the 47th EPRA meeting which took place on 23-24 May 2018 in Luxembourg. Delegates from 22 EPRA members have already joined...


Digital News Report 2018: there is hope for the news industry
posted on 14 June, 2018   (public)
Use of social media for news overtaken by messaging apps The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism has published on 14 June 2018 its seventh annual edition of the Digital News Report. The report focuses on the issues of trust and misinformation, new online business...
EAO identifies Key Trends of Audiovisual Sector for 2017/2018
posted on 05 June, 2018   (public)
Convergence, disintermediation and uberisation among latest trends The European Audiovisual Observatory has issued in May 2018 its annual Key Trends publication, which is available for free for the first time. This 70-page compact report presents an overview of the major...


Media Literacy Networks - Guidelines
posted on 11 Jun, 2018   (public)
"Guidelines of how to establish Media Literacy Networks", final version of 22 May 2018, as adopted by the participants in EPRA’s MIL Taskforce. The Taskforce's very first objective was to produce...

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10 Oct
Bratislava - 48th Meeting The 48th EPRA meeting will take place in... Bratislava, Slovakia

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Created in 1995, the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities is a forum for informal discussion and exchange of views between regulatory authorities in the broadcasting field in Europe. EPRA provides an open platform for discussions on a wide variety of relevant topics to regulators.