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Chairperson's Report for 2017
posted on 02 March, 2018   (public)
Assessing progress against EPRA's strategic goals and objectives The meeting of the EPRA Executive Board on 2 February 2018 in Munich was the occasion to adopt the EPRA Annual Work Programme, which lays out EPRA’s priorities and anticipated work for 2018.  It...


Adults' media use and attitudes: latest Ofcom research
posted on 25 April, 2018   (public)
While online services are becoming more prevalent, awareness of their funding and regulation remains low On 24 April 2018, Ofcom, the British communications regulator, has published two research reports related to how people use, understand and relate to different media in the...
Quality journalism as a response to disinformation online: MSI-JOQ Meeting
posted on 25 April, 2018   (public)
MSI-JOQ entrusted to prepare a Draft recommendation and a study on a possible standard-setting instrument The first meeting of the newly formed Committee of experts on Quality Journalism in the digital age (MSI-JOQ) was held on 8-9 March 2018 in Strasbourg. The committee...


Luxembourg - Country report - MK
by Dragica Ljubevska (Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services - MK) posted on 24 Apr, 2018   (public)
Country report submitted by the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services of Republic of Macedonia for the 47th EPRA Meeting in Luxembourg in May 2018

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23 May
Luxembourg - 47th EPRA Meeting Luxembourg - 47th EPRA Meeting The 47th EPRA... Luxembourg

10 Oct
Bratislava - 48th Meeting The 48th EPRA meeting will take place in... Bratislava, Slovakia

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Created in 1995, the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities is a forum for informal discussion and exchange of views between regulatory authorities in the broadcasting field in Europe. EPRA provides an open platform for discussions on a wide variety of relevant topics to regulators.