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EPRA Website - Technical update
posted on 06 March, 2017   (public)
EPRA Website - Technical update You  may have noticed that the EPRA Website looks a little bit different today. The reason for this is a technical update of our Web Application (Ruby on Rails). After 5 years, some technical features were not supported any more and had to...


Fake news: Norwegian NMA publishes survey
posted on 18 April, 2017   (public)
Fake news: Norwegian NMA publishes survey In February 2017, the Ministry of Culture asked the Norwegian Media Authority (Medietilsynet) to carry out an omnibus survey on fake news. The survey was designed by the NMA, and based on similar studies on fake news in the US (Pew...
Use of electronic media by children in Portugal: ERC report
posted on 12 April, 2017   (public)
Use of electronic media by children in Portugal: ERC report The Portuguese Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC) has issued in February a report on the use of electronic media by children in Portugal entitled “Growing up between screens: use of electronic devices by...


EPRA Board Elections: Official list of candidates
posted on 21 Apr, 2017   (public)
Official list of candidates in view of the Elections of the EPRA Executive Board which will take place on 19 May 2017 in Edinburgh

Events & Meetings

17 May
Edinburgh - 45th EPRA Meeting  Edinburgh- 45th EPRA Meeting   The... Edinburgh

11 Oct
Vienna - 46th EPRA Meeting The 46th EPRA meeting will take place on 11-13... Vienna

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Created in 1995, the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities is a forum for informal discussion and exchange of views between regulatory authorities in the broadcasting field in Europe. EPRA provides an open platform for discussions on a wide variety of relevant topics to regulators.