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EPRA Annual Work Programme

posted on 28 March, 2012 22:25 , last updated on 19 February, 2018 09:44   (public)

Aims of the EPRA Annual Work Programme

In 2011, the EPRA adopted its first Annual Work Programme with five goals in mind:

  • Facilitate and enhance the contribution of EPRA members allowing them to anticipate and prepare the timing and modalities of their involvement in meetings and work throughout the year.

  • Improve the value of the network by ensuring the continuity of the work between meetings and the preparation of in-depth reports and meetings.

  • Lighten the administrative tasks of the Secretariat allowing it to devote greater time to substantial work.

  • Facilitate the work of the Board and the Secretariat in the organisation of the two annual meetings.

  • Increase EPRA’s visibility for both members and stakeholders.

Adoption Process

  • After exchanging on relevant topics at the EPRA autumn meeting (phase 1),

  • suggestions from members are collected via a formal call for topics (phase 2),

  • the EPRA Board prepares a draft work programme (phase 3), 

  • a wide-ranging consultation process of EPRA members takes place (phase 4),

  • the Board adopts the final programme at the end of January (phase 5).