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59th EPRA meeting - Hotel general information booklet
posted on 18 Mar, 2024   (public)
"A voyage of discovery on the quayside": General information on the SS Rotterdam, meeting venue and accommodation place for the 59th EPRA meeting.
58th EPRA meeting - List of restaurants in Bucharest
posted on 12 Oct, 2023   (public)
List of suggested restaurants around the Radisson Blu hotel provided by the National Audiovisual Council of Romania on the occasion of the 58th EPRA meeting.
58th EPRA meeting - Booking Information reminder and additional information
posted on 21 Aug, 2023   (public)
Booking Information reminder for the 58th EPRA meeting in Bucharest and additional information about the logistics from the Romanian hosts
58th EPRA meeting - General information file
posted on 21 Jul, 2023   (public)
The document provided by the National Audiovisual Council of Romania contains general information regarding: - the programme - the venue - the maximum number of delegates - transportation to...
54th EPRA meeting - Cross-sectoral cooperation: Presentation of speakers
posted on 13 Oct, 2021   (public)
Presentation of the speakers for the plenary thematic session on the cross-sectoral cooperation between regulators on 14 October 2021 (pre-meeting version of 13 October)
EPRA Meeting Antwerp: Participation Fee form
posted on 17 Feb, 2020   (public)
Participation Fee form (due for the 4th and every further member of your delegation each) . Please fill out this form and email it before 31th March 2020 to: Mr. Dirk Peereman...
Bratislava - Information file
posted on 13 Jul, 2018   (public)
Information file prepared by our hosts from the Slovakian CBR for the 48th EPRA Meeting in Bratislava on 10-12 October 2018
Luxembourg - Information file
posted on 14 Mar, 2018   (public)
Information file prepared by our hosts of ALIA for the 47th EPRA Meeting in Luxembourg on 23-25 May 2018.
Vienna - Information file
posted on 10 Aug, 2017   (public)
(Final updated version) Information file prepared by our hosts of the KommAustria/RtR for the 46th EPRA Meeting in Vienna on 11-13 October 2017.
Vienna - Participation Fee Form
posted on 09 Aug, 2017   (public)
(new version!!) Participation fee form for the 46th EPRA meeting in Vienna. 2 delegates of each EPRA member are welcome free of charge. Due to budgetary constraints, for any additional delegate of...
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