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Community radios: official status in French-speaking Belgium
posted on 06 Oct, 2015   (public)
Official status of Community Radio in French-speaking Belgium, Contribution prepared by Nele Smets, in charge of the Radio Unit at the CSA, the broadcasting regulator of the French-speaking...
Local & Community Media - Final Comparative Report
posted on 13 Dec, 2013   (public)
Final Version of the Comparative Report (EPRA/2013/11) on Local and Community Media, prepared by group coordinator Bernard Dubuisson (CSA, Belgium) and edited by Asja Roksa Zubcevic (CRA, Bosnia...
Vilnius - WG2: Local & Community Media - Presentation of draft comparative study
posted on 05 Oct, 2013   (public)
Presentation by Asja Roksa Zubcevic (CRA - BA) for the meeting of the Working group on Local and Community Media in Vilnius on 3 October 2013 of the main results of a draft comparative Report...
Kraków - WG2 Local and Community Media - Introduction
posted on 03 May, 2013   (public)
Introduction (EPRA/2013/04) to Working group 2 on Local and Community Media by Bernard Dubuisson (CSA, BE), for the 37th EPRA meeting in Kraków (May 2013).
Portoroz - WG 2: Local and Community Media - Summary
posted on 09 Jul, 2012   (public)
Summary of the discussion of the working group on Local and Community Media prepared by Bernard Dubuisson WG Coordinator (CSA - BE), 35th EPRA meeting Portorož, 31 May 2012.
Portoroz - WG2: Local and Community Media - Introduction
by Bernard Dubuisson (CSA - BE) posted on 12 Mar, 2012   (public)
This is the introduction paper (EPRA/2012/04) for the 2012 EPRA Working Group on Local and Community Media, prepared by Bernard Dubuisson of the Belgian CSA. Here's the presentation :
EPRA Annual Work programme 2012
posted on 13 Feb, 2012   (public)
The EPRA Board approved the final programme during its Executive Board meeting which took place on 6 February 2012 in Zagreb. The final programme reflects the views expressed by members during the...
Barcelona (2010) - WG1 Community Radio - Introduction
posted on 12 May, 2010   (public)
WG I: Community Radio Regulation Introduction & Objectives of the working Group 31st EPRA Meeting, Barcelona, 12-14 May 2010 Bernard Dubuisson, CSA (BE) Head of Radio Unit – Belgian CSA
Barcelona (2010) - WG1 Community Radio - background paper
posted on 12 May, 2010   (public)
Comparative background paper EPRA/2010/05, (summary of answers to the EPRA Questionnaire on Community Radio) by Emmanuelle Machet, Flore Mathieu, EPRA Secretariat for the Working Group on Community...
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