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Media literacy and hate speech - Outputs of EMIL's second meeting
posted on 15 Jun, 2021   (public)
Outputs from EMIL’s meeting n2 on 21 May 2021 focusing on media literacy and hate speech: Key points of the discussion about the role of MIL in the fight against hate speech and examples of...
EMIL - Presentation
posted on 30 Mar, 2021   (public)
Presentation of EMIL - the purpose, concept and structure - by Maria Donde for the first EMIL meeting (29 March 2021).
EMIL - Terms of Reference
posted on 16 Feb, 2021   (public)
Terms of Reference (ToR) of EMIL, EPRA's Media and Information Literacy Taskforce
Reflections on VSPs' promotion of Media Literacy under the Audiovisual Media Services Directive
posted on 18 Jan, 2021   (public)
"Reflections on Video Sharing Platforms' promotion of Media Literacy under the Audiovisual Media Services Directive", a working document prepared by the EPRA Media and Information Literacy...
EPRA Roundtable on MIL networks: Ofcom's presentation on Evaluation and evidence in Media Literacy
posted on 04 Dec, 2020   (public)
"Evaluation and evidence in Media Literacy: Our plan for the next 12 months", presentation by Alberto Fernandes, principal policy adviser at Ofcom (UK). The presentation was delivered during the...
EPRA roundtable on MIL networks: Presentation by Stephanie Comey, BAI (IE)
posted on 09 Oct, 2020   (public)
Presentation by Stephanie Comey (BAI-IE) on the occasion of the EPRA MIL roundtable n3 on the evaluation of MIL networks and activities (9 October 2020).
MIL Taskforce - Top tips for planning a media literacy campaign
posted on 19 Nov, 2019   (public)
Top tips for planning a media literacy campaign by Martina Chapman, Mercury Insights and Stephanie Comey, Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (Final version of 19 November 2019)
MIL Taskforce - Top tips on Researching Media Literacy: A guidance document for EPRA Members
posted on 02 Sep, 2019   (public)
Final version of the top tips on researching Media Literacy (August 2019), produced by UK regulator Ofcom. This document draws on Ofcom's experience to offer an overview of different approaches to...
MIL Taskforce - Summary of the second meeting
posted on 22 Jan, 2019   (public)
Summary and actions resulting from the second meeting of the Media Literacy Taskforce which met in Bratislava on 10 October 2018
MIL Taskforce - Top tips on stakeholders' engagement
posted on 16 Oct, 2018   (public)
Top tips on stakeholders' engagement, produced by Tone Gunhild Haugan-Hepsø (NMA, NO) as adopted during the second EPRA Media Literacy Taskforce in Bratislava on 10 October 2018
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