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Mediadem conference - agenda
posted on 12 Feb, 2013   (public)
Agenda of the final MEDIADEM conference, 7 February 2013 in Brussels.
Mediadem conference - Presentation of EPRA Chairman
posted on 12 Feb, 2013   (public)
Powerpoint presentation of EPRA Chairman Jean-Francois Furnémont for the Round Table 1: The role of state and non-state actors in promoting media freedom and independence, MEDIADEM final...
Mediadem conference - New media services
posted on 12 Feb, 2013   (public)
Media freedom and independence in the new media service environment, presentation by Juan Luis Manfredi (Spain) and Andrej Školkay (Slovakia), Mediadem final conference, 7 February 2013
Mediadem conference - Freedom of expression and media regulation
posted on 12 Feb, 2013   (public)
Presentation on Freedom of expression and media regulation by Fabrizio Cafaggi and Federica Casarosa, Prepared for the last MEDIADEM project conference, Media freedom and independence: Trends and...
Ohrid - Plenary 2: Independence - ACT
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Presentation by Ross Biggam (ACT) for the 2nd plenary session in Ohrid (May 2011) entitled "Industrys perspective : private broadcasters viewpoint on the independence of regulators.
Ohrid - Plenary 2: Independence - Introduction
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Background document EPRA/2011/06 by Maida Culahovic (BA) for the Plenary Session 2 > Effective functionning of Regulatory Authorities: Focus on issues of Independance and Governance of Regulatory...
Ohrid - Plenary 2: Independence - study INDIREG
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Presentation by Michele Ledger (Cullen International) of the Study on indicators for independence and efficient functioning of AVMS regulatory bodies for the purpose of enforcing the rules in the...
Belgrade - Presentation INDIREG study
posted on 06 Oct, 2010   (public)
Presentation by Michèle Ledger, Cullen International on the INDIREG Study on the independence of regulators (Oct. 2010)
Tallinn - Plenary 2: Transparency and Accountability of RAs - Keynote speechKeynote_final
posted on 06 May, 2009   (public)
Keynote speech by François Jongen (BE) for the 2nd Plenary session on Transparency and Accountability of Regulators, Tallinn, May 2009
Prague - Plenary 1: Independence of RAs - Background paper (public version)
posted on 16 May, 2007   (public)
The independence of regulatory Authorities, background document EPRA/2007/02 by the EPRA Secretariat (public version) for the first plenary session on the independence of regulatory authorities,...
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