Ofcom expands Media Literacy activities

posted on 18 July, 2019   (public)

UK regulator establishes Advisory Panel and Network, as a recognition of the importance of online media literacy

On 18 July 2019, Ofcom (UK) has made two key announcements during an event dedicated to online media literacy, as part of its Making Sense of Media research and engagement programme:

The creation of the Media Literacy Advisory Panel composed of 11 experts, who are representatives of the industry, academia and the third sector and who will meet quarterly in order to debate and to inform the development of the media literacy programme of the regulatory body.

  • The objectives of this panel are to help in finding new potential research area, share best practice from across the UK and internationally but also to assist the authority in identifying effective ways of evaluating the impact of media literacy initiatives on people's skills and understanding.

The launch of the Media Literacy Network aims at bringing together individuals and organisations that have a relevant expertise or an interest in online media literacy.

  • The network members will be encouraged to work together and with Ofcom with a shared goal of improving online skills, knowledge and understanding of adults and children across the UK.

Source: Ofcom

Additional Background: in 2018, the EPRA Media Literacy Taskforce produced Guidelines on how to set up a media Literacy network and how it could benefit the promotion of media literacy. A number of national regulatory authorities have already led or supported the development of MIL networks such as the Agency for Electronic Media in Croatia, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, the Agency for Audio and Audiovisual Media Services of North Macedonia and the Norwegian Media Authority.