Irish BAI launches Media Literacy Policy

posted on 13 December, 2016   (public)

Irish BAI launches Media Literacy Policy

On 6 December 2016, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) has  launched its Media Literacy Policy which sets out a range of skills to help people to navigate current, new and emerging content platforms. 

The policy has been developed by the BAI as part of its statutory obligation (set out in the Broadcasting Act 2009) "to undertake, encourage and foster research, measures and activities which are directed towards the promotion of media literacy, including co-operation with broadcasters, educationalists and other relevant persons". To inform the development of the Policy, the BAI undertook a significant engagement with stakeholders with a view to seeking feedback on both the concept and the content of proposed Media Literacy Principles and Framework.

A key objective for the BAI is to provide leadership and to facilitate a coordinated approach to the promotion of media literacy in Ireland. The BAI’s policy approach also aims to describe and promote media literacy in a way that is meaningful and relevant; to foster research in the area; and, to complement educational initiatives already in existence.

The framework for the BAI’s Media Literacy Policy is based on three core competencies and a set of associated skills and success indicators. These competencies are centred on issues regarding:

  • the ability to recognise different content types;
  • making informed choices in relation to valuing and protecting personal data;
  • the creation of media content for private and public use and the ability to engage in online learning opportunities.

This framework is intended:

  • to be used by the BAI to prioritise and organise the BAI’s own portfolio of media literacy work;
  • to be a useful framework in helping a wide range of stakeholders shape their own media literacy activities in line with their own strategic and business objectives;
  • to allow stakeholders to adopt a ‘pick and mix’ approach where they can identify which media literacy skills most closely align with their core business and their own strategic priorities.

 A key area of work for the BAI next year will be to facilitate the development of an Irish Media Literacy Network. Interested parties, such as educators, broadcasters and public bodies will be invited to share their skills and knowledge on the subject.

Source: Website of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland