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Portoroz - WG3: News & Current Affairs: Regulatory Approaches - Background Document
posted on 23 May, 2012   (public)
Background Document (EPRA/2012/05) prepared by Maida Ćulahović, CRA, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the working group 3 News & Current Affairs: Regulatory Approaches, 35th EPRA Meeting, Portorož, 30...
Portoroz - WG1: Jurisdiction - Introduction
posted on 11 Apr, 2012   (public)
Introduction paper and draft terms of reference for the 2012 EPRA Working Group 1 on Jurisdiction, prepared by group Coordinator Maria Donde, Ofcom (UK).
Brussels (2011) - WG2: Digital TV - Presentation SE (public version)
posted on 14 Mar, 2012   (public)
Powerpoint presentation by Kerstin Morast, the Swedish Broadcasting Authority, on Digital TV: Regulation and Economic Viability presented during Working group 2 on Digital TV, Brussels (La Hulpe),...
Portoroz - WG2: Local and Community Media - Introduction
by Bernard Dubuisson (CSA - BE) posted on 12 Mar, 2012   (public)
This is the introduction paper (EPRA/2012/04) for the 2012 EPRA Working Group on Local and Community Media, prepared by Bernard Dubuisson of the Belgian CSA. Here's the presentation :
Brussels (2011) - WG3: New Media & Protection of Minors - Introduction
posted on 05 Oct, 2011   (public)
Introduction by Helen Keefe, Ofcom, UK for the Working group 3 on New Media & protection of minors : industry roundtable, 34th EPRA Meeting: Brussels, 5-7 October 2011
Brussels (2011) - WG1: Product Placement - Summary
posted on 05 Oct, 2011   (public)
Summary of the discussions in working group 1 on product placement, prepared by working group coordinator, Johanna Fell, BLM (DE), 34th EPRA meeting: Brussels/la Hulpe, 5-7 October 2011
Brussels (2011) - WG2: Digital TV - Background paper
posted on 05 Oct, 2011   (public)
Background paper by Miha Krišelj, Group coordinator for Working Group II: Digital TV: Regulation and the economic viability of DTT platforms, 34th EPRA Meeting, Brussels (La Hulpe), 5-7 October...
Ohrid - WG2 Digital Radio - Summary
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Summary of the discussions of the Working group on Radio in the digital environment by Nele Smets, CSA (BE)
Ohrid - WG2 Digital Radio - Presentation Backstage Radio
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
The experience of Backstageradio by Samuel Vuillermoz and Dominik Born, Mxlab (CH) presented during Working group 2: Radio in the Digital Environment, 33rd EPRA meeting: Ohrid, 25-27 May 2011
Ohrid - WG3 Spectrum - Presentation by EBU
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Presentation by Peter MacAvock, EBU for the working group "EU spectrum policy/Digital Dividend: Update from the EU Commission & views from industry", May 2011
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