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Malta - WG2 Protection of Minors - Presentation CY
posted on 27 Sep, 2001   (public)
Working paper EPRA/2001/11 by Alecos Evangelou, Radio-Television Authority Cyprus for WG2 on the Protection of Minors, Malta, Sept. 2001
Malta - Plenary 1: advertising - UK presentation
posted on 27 Sep, 2001   (public)
Presentation by Martin Hart, ITC, UK for the plenary session: Follow up discussion on advertising regulation in the light of the Television Without Frontiers Directive (sept. 2001)
Barcelona - WG2 Licensing local broadcasters - Presentation DE
posted on 18 Apr, 2001   (public)
The EU Commission's proceedings against Germany (Art. 226 EC): Is preference of applicants based on regional ties a violation of the right of establishment (Art. 43 et seq. EC)?, Document...
Ermoupolis - WG 1 Teleshopping - Oct. 99
posted on 21 Oct, 1999   (public)
Working Group Paper on Teleshopping, by Lennart van der Meulen (EPRA/99/08) of the Dutch Commissariaat voor de Media for the 10th EPRA Meeting in Ermoupolis, Syros Island (Greece), 21-22 October...
Ermoupolis - The future role of the broadcasting regulator - Swiss presentation
posted on 21 Oct, 1999   (public)
Presentation by the Swiss UBI/AIEP (EPRA/99/07) on The future role of the broadcasting regulator, by Denis Barrelet and Pierre Rieder for the EPRA meeting in Ermoupolis (Oct. 99)
Ermoupolis (1999) - The role of the regulator - Presentation Norway
posted on 21 Oct, 1999   (public)
Presentation by Ivar Andenæs, Mass Media Authority, Norway on The Role of the Regulator in the Converging Landscape for the plenary session in Ermoupolis(October 1999)
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