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EPRA Annual Work programme 2012
posted on 13 Feb, 2012   (public)
The EPRA Board approved the final programme during its Executive Board meeting which took place on 6 February 2012 in Zagreb. The final programme reflects the views expressed by members during the...
Annual work programme - EPRA - 2011
posted on 08 Feb, 2012   (public)
Work Programme of the EPRA for 2011, adopted by the EPRA Board in February 2011 after consulting with EPRA members.
Brussels (2011) - Audiovisual landscape
posted on 05 Oct, 2011   (public)
Presentation by Marc Janssen, President of the CSA, of the Audiovisual Landscape in the French Community of Belgium (Oct. 2011)
Ohrid - Speech of new EPRA Chair
posted on 25 May, 2011   (public)
Speech of new EPRA Chair Jean-Francois Furnémont - Ohrid, May 2011
Naples - Statement on Independence of RAs
posted on 08 May, 2003   (public)
Statement on the independence of broadcasting regulators with the list of signatories (final version), 17th EPRA meeting: Naples, Italy, 8-9 May 2003
Speech of EPRA Chair Greger Lindberg (Nov. 2001)
posted on 16 May, 2002   (public)
Speech of EPRA Chair Greger Lindberg about the EPRA held at a conference in Brussels (November 2001)
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