EPRA Work Programme 2021 adopted
posted on 08 February, 2021   (public)
A flexible approach reflecting EPRA's priorities and strategic objectives Further to a consultation phase with members, the Executive Board has approved EPRA’s Annual Work Programme for 2021 at its meeting on 28 January 2021. EPRA's Work Programme for 2021 was...
EPRA Elections: Helena Mandić becomes chairperson; Mari Velsand joins re-elected executive board
posted on 03 June, 2019   (public)
Continuity and change on EPRA's Executive Board Elections of the entire EPRA Executive Board took place during the 49th EPRA meeting in Sarajevo on 31 May 2019. The Assembly of EPRA members unanimously elected Helena Mandić, Director of Broadcasting at the Communications...
Executive Board adopts EPRA's new Work Programme
posted on 25 February, 2019   (public)
An practically-oriented, relevant and forward-looking programme for 2019 The Annual Work Programme, which lays out EPRA’s priorities and anticipated work for 2019, has been drafted by assembling member authorities’ suggestions collected further to a call for...


EPRA/Cullen International joint event in Brussels - Summary & highlights
posted on 11 April, 2023   (public)
A timely and stimulating event highlighting the role of financing schemes and regulation to support the production and sustainability of quality media content  NEW (13 June 2023): Link to podcast added   On 29 March 2023, EPRA organised a landmark...
Dis/misinformation, plurality & trust: summary of the EPRA thematic plenary session (56th EPRA meeting)
posted on 19 January, 2023   (public)
EPRA session addresses the effects of perceived disinformation, the impact of media polarisation and the role of regulators Dis/misinformation, plurality and trust are topical themes underpinning European media legislation. On 13 October 2022, on the...
EPRA consults on draft Work Programme for 2023
posted on 03 January, 2023   (public)
Have your say on the draft EPRA Work Programme for 2023 Based on the answers of EPRA members to a call for inputs issued in November, the EPRA Executive Board has elaborated the draft 2023 annual Work Programme. In line with the EPRA Strategy 2021-2023, the main objective...

Regulation News

Ofcom’s communications market report: smartphones are the most popular online devices
posted on 25 August, 2015   (public)
Ofcom’s communications market report: smartphones are the most popular online devices Smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most popular device for surfing online, Ofcom research has revealed, with record ownership and use transforming the way we communicate....
Protection of minors: new age classification criteria adopted by the Spanish CNMC
posted on 24 August, 2015   (public)
CNMC adopted new age classification criteria for protection of minors On July 9 2015, the Spanish regulator CNMC adopted new criteria for rating audiovisual content. These new criteria were agreed by the CNMC, TV broadcasters and for the first time, social organizations were...
CNMC and Autocontrol agree on joint regulation of TV advertising
posted on 24 August, 2015   (public)
CNMC and Autocontrol agree on joint regulation of TV advertising The Spanish regulator CNMC announced on July 6 2015 an agreement with the industry group Autocontrol (Association for Self-Regulation of Commercial Communications) on joint regulation of advertising on TV. CNMC...