Algorithm literacy: key messages from the EMIL/AI roundtable event (EPRA)

posted on 19 June, 2023   (public)

Exploring the facets of algorithm literacy: video recording and summary of the EMIL/AI roundtable session now available!

In 2021, EPRA launched two permanent taskforces to further explore two key topics of interest for audiovisual regulators: media literacy and artificial intelligence.

  • EMIL is a taskforce focusing on media and information literacy (MIL), for media regulators and other organisations committed to promote MIL in Europe. EMIL is a community of those who participate in and coordinate MIL networks, and that aims at getting and bringing value from international cooperation*.
  • The AI Roundtables is a closed group of EPRA members willing to share and learn on all things AI and regulation-related, and notably on the use and development of AI-based tools by and for regulators.

On 5 May 2023, EPRA organised a joint EMIL/AI roundtable session to explore the interplay between media literacy and artificial intelligence.

This session focused on algorithm literacy, and, more specifically, on the explainability of algorithms, explored from the complementary points of view of media literacy practitioners, artificial intelligence and media sector experts.

Divina Frau-Meigs from Savoir*Devenir, Ansgar Koene from EY Global AI Ethics and Regulatory Leader and Max Van Drunen from the University of Amsterdam shared their expert insights and exchanged with the audience on how to build "collective resistance and individual resilience" to algorithms and AI systems.

The speakers notably highlighted that:

- AI systems need to be understood to be challenged, assessed and be held accountable.
- Algorithm literacy can be built on the current overarching model of media literacy
- Journalists need transparency and algorithm literacy in order to explain algorithms to their audience and to safeguard editorial values in AI systems
- Imaginaries and the “black box” narrative around AI must be demystified through palatable, specific and accurate language
- Independent auditing by regulators is key to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of AI systems

Find out the full key messages and rich inputs of the session in the summary and online recording of the event, both available online. 

Source: EPRA Secretariat

* For more information on EMIL, have a look at the PR Information file