Media literacy networks: watch the EPRA online roundtables

posted on 04 November, 2020   (public)

From the creation to the evaluation of a media literacy network: catch up with the EPRA online roundtables


In the course of September and October, EPRA conducted a series of online roundtable meetings entitled 'Media Literacy networks: Learning from each other'. Building on the EPRA work of the past years (such as the MIL Taskforce and its outputs or the MIL EPRA Forum), the three meetings aimed at exchanging ideas and best practices regarding media literacy networks, from their creation to their evaluation.

The roundtable meetings, steered by EPRA Vice-Chair Maria Donde and moderated by Martina Chapman, were an excellent opportunity to gather together media literacy experts - who are not necessarily media regulators -  and EPRA members to discuss the key challenges at stake when managing a MIL network. The gatherings also helped consolidate the EPRA MIL Taskforce.

Missed our roundtables? Now you have a chance to catch up! 


EPRA MIL Roundtable n°1: Creating a network



EPRA MIL Roundtable n°2: Structure and function of MIL network



EPRA MIL Roundtable n°3: Evaluation of MIL networks and activities