CSA (BE) reports on consumption patterns of audiovisual media services

posted on 13 January, 2023   (public)

While TV remains the most popular mode of consumption in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, VOD is now indispensable for French-speaking Belgians

For the 2nd time, the CSA (BE) has released, in English, the results of its study on the patterns of consumption of audiovisual media services in the French-speaking part of Belgium (Wallonia-Brussels Federation).

Presented through a dedicated website, the MAP 2022 report intends to analyse the impact on television viewing of the new modes of comsumption of audiovisual media services which the CSA defines as “as all means of using services offering audiovisual content on demand including pay and free VOD".

The 2022 edition of the MAP is based on a quantitative approacha standardised survey sent to 2200 participants in 2021 whose objective is to depict consumer behaviour at a given moment: "Attitudes". The survey includes three key themes:

  • The exposure to technology of households;
  • The audiovisual consumption of individuals;
  • The complementarity and substitutability of the different forms of audiovisual consumption.

The study also highlights the factors impacting the ways of consumption which can be social - gender, price of services, age, presence of children, household income, etc.

The last part of the report presents key trends and challenges.

This new edition of the MAP report made it possible for the CSA to update the data collected in 2020 and to draw comparisons with the results of the previous study. This is particularly relevant as the two reports were carried out at very different times, the first report took place before the Covid-19 pandemic.


Source: CSA.Be