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Media legislation
posted on 09 November, 2011 16:38 , last updated on 18 August, 2017 16:01   (public)
Albania  |  Andorra  |  Armenia   |  Austria  |  Azerbaijan | Belgium: Flemish Community  |  Belgium: French Community  | Belgium : German...

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Mapping media landscapes: new EJC Tool
posted on 19 September, 2017   (public)
Mapping media landscapes: new EJC Tool The European Journalism Centre has recently published the 2017 Edition of its Media Landscapes tool, an online resource mapping the state of the media in 20...
Protection of Minors: Belgian CSA assesses compliance of audiovisual services with legal obligations
posted on 11 August, 2017   (public)
On 11 August 2017, the Belgian CSA (Conseil supérieur de l’Audiovisuel) published for the first time an overall assessment on how audiovisual services complied with their legal...
New address of the Belgian CSA
posted on 17 July, 2017   (public)
The Belgian CSA (Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel) has moved to new premises and will start operating at its new address starting from September 2017. The new address of the Belgian...
Assessing Media Pluralism in Europe: MPM2016 results published
posted on 06 June, 2017   (public)
Assessing Media Pluralism in Europe: MPM2016 results published On 15 May 2017, the European University Institute's Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF) in Florence has released...
Media concentration in Flanders in 2016: VRM report
posted on 10 April, 2017   (public)
Media concentration in Flanders in 2016: VRM report The Flemish Regulator for the Media (VRM) has published in December 2016 a report on the media concentration in Flanders in 2016. On a yearly...

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EPRA Board Meeting
posted on 20 January, 2017 18:56 , Start 27 Jan, 2017 , Finish 27 Jan, 2017   (public)
The EPRA Board Meeting will take place in Brussels on 27 January 2017 to prepare the draft work programme for 2017 based on members' input, the agenda of the meetings in Edinburgh and Vienna...
Brussels (La Hulpe): 34th EPRA meeting, 5-7 Oct. 2011
posted on 21 December, 2011 18:06 , Start 05 Oct, 2011 , Finish 07 Oct, 2011   (public)
The 34th EPRA meeting took place in Brussels (La Hulpe): on 5-7 Oct. 2011 at the invitation of the CSA of the French Community of Belgium. A selection of meeting pictures is available here
Brussels (2002): 15th EPRA meeting, 16-17 May 2002
posted on 21 December, 2011 18:06 , Start 16 May, 2002 , Finish 17 May, 2002   (public)
15th EPRA meeting: Brussels, Belgium, 16-17 May 2002

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Yerevan - WG III: Spotlight on Audiovisual Platforms - Presentation (Bernardo Herman, CSA, BE)
posted on 25 Oct, 2016   (public)
Presentation by Bernardo Herman, Director General of the Belgian CSA, during Working Group III : "Spotlight on Audiovisual Platforms" of the 44th EPRA Meeting in Yerevan (19-21 October 2016).
Yerevan - WG I: Media In times of Crisis: the role of regulatory authorities - Comparative background document
posted on 11 Oct, 2016   (public)
Comparative background document (EPRA/2016/10) prepared by content producer Asja Roksa-Zubcevic, CRA (BA) for the discussion in Working group 1 "Media in times of crisis: The role of regulatory...
Updated Regulators' profile for Belgium's CSA
posted on 01 Mar, 2016   (public)
Regulators' profile for the CSA in Belgium, updated in March 2016.
Updated Regulators' profile for Belgium - Flemish Community
posted on 28 Jan, 2016   (public)
Regulators' profile for Belgium - Flemish Community (VRM), updated in January 2016.
Nuremberg - WG3: Local/Regional TV: Financing Models - Background Comparative Document
posted on 22 Oct, 2015   (public)
Background Comparative Document (EPRA/2015/12) prepared by WG3 Coordinator Oliver Gerber, OFCOM (CH) for the ad hoc Working group "Local/Regional TV: Financing Models" that took place on 29 October...

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