Outcome of the CSA-ReSIC-EPRA Workshop on Community Radio

posted on 20 June, 2013   (public)
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"By the People, for the People: Community Radio - Current Status and Perspectives"

On 1-2 July 2013, the CSA of the French speaking Community of Belgium and ReSIC (Centre for Research in Information and Communication) of the Free University of Brussels (ULB) co-organised a two-day international workshop on status and perspectives of Community Radio.

The workshop was attended by representatives of the University of Brasilia, of AMARC, the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters CMFE, the European Forum of community media), and community radio players from Belgium, Europe and Africa, not to forget regulators.

EPRA was a partner of the event and organised a plenary session on the challenges of regulating associative and community radios. During this session, chaired by Jean-François Furnémont, CEO of the CSA and EPRA Chairman, Bernard Dubuisson, coordinator of the EPRA Working group on Local and Community Media, presented the outcome of his comparative research on the regulation of community media across Europe. Three representatives of EPRA member organisations, Marcel Regnotto from the Swiss OFCOM, Celene Craig from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland and Maria Borkowska of the KRRiT, the National Broadcasting Council of Poland, reported on their practices as regulators and exchanged their experiences with players from the 'third sector'.

In addition to regulatory challenges, participants also discussed the notion of associative and community radio, the role of community radios as active agents of political change and future challenges with regard to funding, audiences, new media and digital transition.

All the presentations were recorded and can be listened to in English or French thanks to the kind help of Ateliers de l'Ecole universitaire de Journalisme and of Radio Campus Brussels.


Attached Documents

Portoroz - WG2: Local and Community Media - Introduction (WG2_local_community_media.pdf)
by Bernard Dubuisson (CSA - BE) posted on 12 March, 2012