First Country Ranking of Community Media in Europe

posted on 12 September, 2013   (public)

The Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE), an international non-profit organisation which provides a common platform for networks, national federations and projects active in the "third media" sector, has completed the first Country Ranking of Community Media in Europe for 2012.

The ranking was based on a survey addressed to media authorities and national federations from 39 European countries. The classification was made on an index scale (1-10) fixing a value of national commitment for the third media sector in each European country. Five factors were taken into consideration: Community media spread, Regulation, Governmental financial support, Technical structure and General development assessment.  The CM index shows a mean value applying for both radio and television.

The total amount of community radio stations recorded while making the ranking is 2.237 and community television stations 521. Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria are on the top of the list with 6,9-7,1 points. 13 countries reached the average ranking value of 3,4 or higher. Ten countries were not ranked as community media was reported as non-existent.

By making the ranking CMFE aims to put pressure on national governments, politicians and media authorities to recognise and improve conditions for community radio and television. This was also an effort to place the third media sector more distinctly on the European media map. 

The CMFE Mapping & Ranking Project will be discussed during the CMFE/AMARC conference Media Diversity for Democracy in Brno (Czech Republic) on October 4-6, 2013.

Source: The Community Media Forum Europe website