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Portoroz - Plenary 2: The Future of Commercial Communications - Introduction
posted on 24 May, 2012   (public)
Introductory document to session 2 on the Future of Commercial Communications by Maria Donde, Ofcom (UK) and the EPRA Secretariat, 35th EPRA meeting, Portoroz, 31 May - 1 June 2012.
Barcelona (2010) - Plenary1: Product Placement - Background paper
posted on 12 May, 2010   (public)
Revised comparative Background document by E. Machet, EPRA Secretariat for the plenary session: AVMS Implementation: Product Placement, produced for the EPRA meeting in Barcelona (May 2010)
Barcelona - Plenary: Advertising - FCC (US)
posted on 18 Apr, 2001   (public)
Presentation by Jonathan Levy, Federal Communications Commission, USA , on Advertising, Market Forces, and Regulation, April 2001, Barcelona
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