Irish BAI launches three-year strategy statement

posted on 24 February, 2017   (public)

Irish BAI launches three-year Strategy Statement

On 22 February 2017, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) launched its Strategy Statement 2017-2019.

Starting from the viewpoint that plurality and diversity are essential to a healthy democracy, the BAI’s Strategy sets out its Vision as 'an Irish media landscape that reflects and shapes who we are’.

The BAI's Mission is three-fold: to regulate, foster and support broadcasting in the public interest; to promote a plurality of voices, viewpoints, outlets and sources in Irish media and to foster diverse and culturally relevant quality content for Irish audiences.

The Core Values that underpin the BAI’s operation and are the bedrock of its organisational culture include being fair, independent, expert and accountable.

The BAI captures the focus of its work in five overarching Strategic Themes that are directed towards the achievement of the BAI’s strategic vision. Twelve high level Objectives are related to these themes. The five overarching strategic themes are:

  • Promoting diversity and plurality;
  • Achieving excellence and accountability;
  • Communicating and influencing;
  • Empowering audiences;
  • Enhancing innovation and sectoral sustainability.

The BAI has also agreed, and published, a three-year high-level Work Plan to support the achievement of the strategic objectives. 

This is the third strategy statement since the establishment of the BAI in 2009, and the first by the current Authority. It has been informed by a comprehensive review of the effectiveness of the previous strategy, an extensive public consultation and an in-depth assessment of the current context. 

In particular, the BAI has taken account  of changing patterns of media consumption, technological change, increased competition, particularly from abroad, and diminishing advertising revenue.

Source: Website of the BAI