Addressing regulatory asymmetries - Outcome of third OBS/EPRA Workshop

posted on 07 June, 2017   (public)

Addressing regulatory asymmetries - Outcome of third OBS/EPRA Workshop

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As part of their long-lasting collaboration, the European Audiovisual Observatory (OBS) and the EPRA jointly organised in Strasbourg on 12 December 2016 a workshop on "Addressing regulatory asymmetries: video-sharing platforms, targeting on-demand services, and services outside the EU".

The two previous workshops were "Empowering users: rating systems, protection tools and media literacy across Europe", in 2014 and "The grey areas between media regulation and data protection" in 2015.

The concept of this small-scale joint event is to bring together experts, regulators, industry and representative of users for an interactive discussion on selected topics of interest.

The third workshop aimed to discuss the challenges set by existing and upcoming regulatory asymmetries resulting from the EU legal framework as the European Commission published proposal to amend the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD).

It tackled these issues from four different angles:

  1. The material scope of the AVMSD and video-sharing platforms;
  2. The principle of country of origin and targeting on-demand services;
  3. Internal Market and services outside the EU: future perspectives;
  4. Dealing with asymmetries – tools and remedies

EPRA Chair Celene Craig opened the meeting together with EAO's Director Susanne Nikoltchev. Representatives from seven EPRA members actively participated in the workshop.

Source: European Audiovisual Observatory/EPRA