The financial ecosystem of European audiovisual production: outcome of EAO workshop

posted on 09 April, 2018   (public)

Producers, film funds, AVMS providers and media regulators exchange on possible means to improve audiovisual production ecosystem in Europe

On 8 December 2017, the European Audiovisual Observatory  organised in Strasbourg a workshop on "The financial ecosystem of the European audiovisual production".

The concept of this small-scale joint event is to bring together experts, regulators, industry and representative of users for an interactive discussion on selected topics of interest.

The fourth edition of the workshop aimed to discuss the financial ecosystem of audiovisual production in Europe with regard to direct and indirect support measures at European, national and regional levels.

It tackled these issues from the following angles:

  1. The first session was devoted to setting the scene by presenting the ecosystem of content production in Europe and the different funding schemes in place;
  2. The second session explored the role of the state through direct public funding and tax incentives;
  3. The third session looked at the promotional obligations of European works stipulated by national legislative measures implementing the AVMS Directive;
  4. The fourth session allowed the participants to share their final thoughts with a brainstorming exercise, followed by a wrap-up discussion on what still can be done in order to improve the audiovisual production ecosystem, at the European, national and regional levels.

EPRA Secretary Emmanuelle Machet was the host of the media regulators table during this final session where representatives from six regulatory authorities actively shared their expectations towards the producers and service providers on the possible means to improve the audiovisual production ecosystem.

Source: European Audiovisual Observatory Website