Ofcom’s supplementary advice on media plurality

posted on 05 October, 2012   (public)

On 5 October 2012, Ofcom published supplementary advice to the Secretary of State on media plurality. This follows the report on the feasibility of measuring media plurality across platforms, presented to the Secretary of State for Culture in June 2012. Ofcom recommended to the Government and Parliament to improve the existing framework on plurality review by introducing, among other measures, a periodic review of plurality, in addition to the existing public interest test for media mergers. The Secretary of State subsequently requested further advice on the practical implementation of the Ofcom’s recommendations.

The supplementary advice includes considerations about:

  • scope and timescale of the proposed periodic plurality reviews,
  • effective working between periodic plurality reviews and existing provisions concerning mergers,
  • bodies responsible for the final decision regarding the application of remedies (politicians or regulatory bodies),
  • criteria to define which online news providers should be included in plurality assessment,
  • appropriate remedies in case of insufficient plurality,
  • need for additional guidance on the definition of sufficiency of plurality,
  • market exit as a trigger for a plurality review.

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Ofcom’s supplementary advice

Source: Ofcom website