Loudness on TV: French CSA report

posted on 06 September, 2012   (public)

On 5 September 2012, the French regulator CSA published its first report to Parliament on loudness levels on television. This report derives from Article 177 of Law No. 2010-788 of 12 July 2010, which requires that channels ensure an equal loudness level during broadcasts and advertising breaks and that the CSA reports to Parliament on how broadcasters comply with this provision on an yearly basis. The CSA had clarified this obligation in a decision setting up technical specifications and a schedule (Délibération No. 2011-29 of 19 July 2011).

This first report presents the work carried out by the CSA since 1992, the main measures taken by the EBU and ITU at the European and international level, as well as a comparative overview on how this issue is handled in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Poland, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The report also highlights the consultation conducted by the CSA with the main stakeholders and the cooperation with the broadcasting regulators from the CSA Belgian and the Italian AGCOM.

Rapport au Parlement sur l'intensité sonore à la télévision - année 2011 (FR only)

Source: Website of CSA



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