Croatian regulator launches Media Literacy Website

by Damir Hajduk (AEM - HR) posted on 20 June, 2016   (public)

Croatian regulator launches Media Literacy Website

The Croatian regulatory authority, the Agency for Electronic Media has launched an Internet website for media literacy - This website is intended primarily for parents and teachers, as a support in their own education about the media as well as a support in creating new educational tools for teaching media literacy both at home and in school.

The Agency has strong partners in this project – the UNICEF, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC), the Croatian Film Association (non-professional film and video groups), the Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Faculty of Political Science.

Besides defining and clarifying media formats, laws and rules, the portal briefly explains media processes and points out the dangers and possibilities for manipulation as well as presents scientific views about media influence on children and youth and answers questions posed by parents and teachers. The website includes numerous videos, articles and suggestions on how to "read" media contents with understanding and critically appraise various types of audio-visual formats, from animated films, fiction series, movies, news programs all the way to advertising, Internet and video games. The website portal is one of the media literacy projects by which the Agency for Electronic Media aims to emphasize the importance of media education and to encourage it as a crucial factor in protecting children and youth from potentially harmful media contents in this global convergent media world.

Source: Agency for Electronic Media