Belgian CSA assesses compliance of non-linear TV services with legal obligations

posted on 03 December, 2012   (public)

On 27 November 2012, the CSA of the French speaking Community of Belgium published its assessment on how non-linear television services complied with their legal obligations in 2011.

The CSA assessed how four video-on-demand services fulfilled their obligations with regard to the contribution to production of audiovisual works, independence and transparency, promotion of European works, protection of minors, and how they complied with the legislation on copyright and related rights.

The CSA observed that all four services fulfilled their obligations regarding the promotion of European works. The promotional tools applied by service providers were already analysed in the global assessment report of the CSA policy measures on the promotion of European works on VOD services.

With regard to protection of minors, the services containing programmes not suitable for minors in their catalogues have established systems of identification and parental control. The CSA reminded one of the services about the need for a clear editorial policy on the protection of minors and for an effective classification system.

CSA press release and assessment (in French)

Source: CSA website