EPRA roundtable on MIL networks - Learning from each other

posted on 07 September, 2020 14:20 , Start 11 Sep, 2020 , Finish 11 Sep, 2020   (public)

Roundtable Nr. 1: Creating a MIL network

Following its fruitful work of the past three years (such as the MIL Taskforce and its outputs or the MIL EPRA Forum), EPRA is organising a series of online thematic roundtables on media literacy networks, from their creation to their evaluation, which will take place in the course of  September and October.

The  virtual roundtable meetings will provide an opportunity for the exchange of best practices between EPRA members and other organisations active within a media literacy network.

The first EPRA roundtable on MIL networks - Learning from each other, which focused on exchanging best practices aound the creation of a MIL network took place on 11 September (via Webex meetings).

The Recording of Roundtable #1 is available at this link