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Brussels - WG1: DTT - Presentation by Olof Hultén
posted on 16 May, 2002   (public)
Speech of Olof Hultén, SVT (SE) for the WG1 on Digital Terrestrial Television, Brussels (May 2002)
Brussels - WG1: DTT - Background document
posted on 16 May, 2002   (public)
Background paper by the EPRA Secretary for the Working Group on Digital Terrestrial Television (Brussels, May 2002)
Brussels - WG1: DTT - AGCOM (IT)
posted on 16 May, 2002   (public)
Powerpoint presentation of Lisa di Feliciantonio (AGCOM, IT) on DTT in Italy for the Working Group on Digital Terrestrial Television, Brussels, May 2002
Malta - WG1 Access issues - Background paper on access to digital TV
posted on 27 Sep, 2001   (public)
Working paper EPRA/2001/10 by Dr. Alberto Pérez - CMT, ES, on access issues in the digital TV environment for the WG1 on Access Issues, Malta, Sept. 2001
Barcelona - WG2 Licensing local Broadcasters - Background Paper
posted on 18 Apr, 2001   (public)
Licensing local broadcasters, The practice in Europe EPRA/2001/05A by Matjaž Gerl, Slovenian Broadcasting Council for Wg2 on Licensing local broadcasters, BArcelona May 2001
Vevey - Digital Television - May 99
posted on 06 May, 1999   (public)
Background Paper of the Secretariat for the 9th EPRA Meeting, Vevey, 6-7 May 1999 with focus on the award of multiplex licences (EPRA/99/03)
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