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Luxembourg - WG I: Commercial Communication 2.0: Mapping Changes - Presentation by Jean-François Furnémont, Wagner-Hatfield
posted on 27 May, 2018   (public)
Keynote presentation by Jean-Francois Furnémont (Wagner-Hatfield), Content Producer, for the Working Group 1 "Commercial Communication 2.0.: Mapping changes" on 24 May 2018 in Luxembourg
Yerevan - Plenary I: Is there still a future for Free-to-view TV? - Free to air Content Provision - Presentation (Ross Biggam, Discovery)
posted on 24 Oct, 2016   (public)
"Free to air Content Provision" presentation by Ross Biggam (Vice-President of Government Relations, Discovery Networks EMEA) for Plenary Session 1: "Is there still a future for Free-to-View TV ?...
Yerevan - Plenary I: Is there still a future for Free-to-view TV? - Future of FTA TV - Presentation by Gilles Fontaine, EAO
posted on 24 Oct, 2016   (public)
"Is there a future for free-to-view television? Trends and figures" presentation given by Gilles Fontaine (Head of Department for Information on Markets and Financing, European Audiviosual...
Portoroz - Plenary 2: The Future of Commercial Communications - Presentation by Ross Biggam
posted on 04 Jun, 2012   (public)
Presentation by Ross Biggam, Director General of ACT, for the Plenary session 2: The Future of Commercial Communications: Market and Regulatory Developments, 35th EPRA meeting, Portorož, 1 June,...
Malta - Plenary 1: advertising - Presentation by BEUC
posted on 27 Sep, 2001   (public)
Intervention of Willemien Bax, BEUC for the plenary session : Follow up discussion on advertising regulation in the light of the Television Without Frontiers Directive (Sept. 2001)
Barcelona - Plenary: Advertising - FCC (US)
posted on 18 Apr, 2001   (public)
Presentation by Jonathan Levy, Federal Communications Commission, USA , on Advertising, Market Forces, and Regulation, April 2001, Barcelona
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