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Yerevan - Plenary II: Compliance & enforcement - Policies, strategies & methods of NRAs put to test (part II) - Keynote (Jean-François Furnémont)
posted on 26 Oct, 2016   (public)
"Challenges of ensuring compliance and enforcement in a changing media ecosystem" keynote address by Jean-François Furnémont (co-founder at Wagner-Hatfield), for Plenary Session 2: "Compliance &...
Budva CoE workshop on Indicators for Independence of NRAs - Presentation by Eve Salomon
posted on 18 Jun, 2014   (public)
Presentation by Council of Europe expert Eve Salomon on "Indicators for Independence of Regulatory Authorities: definition, practice and verification", for the Council of Europe Regional Meeting...
Belgrade - Presentation INDIREG study
posted on 06 Oct, 2010   (public)
Presentation by Michèle Ledger, Cullen International on the INDIREG Study on the independence of regulators (Oct. 2010)
Tallinn - Plenary 2: Transparency and Accountability of RAs - Keynote speechKeynote_final
posted on 06 May, 2009   (public)
Keynote speech by François Jongen (BE) for the 2nd Plenary session on Transparency and Accountability of Regulators, Tallinn, May 2009
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