Protection of children online: Ofcom publishes call for evidence

posted on 13 January, 2023   (public)

New call for evidence focuses on harmful legal content

On 10 January 2022, Ofcom published a call for evidence focused on the protection of children online. This call for evidence is now open, with written responses accepted until 21 March 2023.


Ofcom is seeking evidence from a wide range of stakeholders - as well as fellow media regulators - to strengthen their understanding of the range of approaches and techniques that platforms can employ to help them meet their future online safety duties in respect of children.

This call for evidence is focused on the matters that will be included in Ofcom's second consultation (expected for autumn 2023), for protecting children from legal content that is harmful to them. This will include:

  • draft guidance to assist services in complying with their children’s access assessment duties
  • draft guidance about how services likely to be accessed by children can comply with their duties to undertake their children’s risk assessment and
  • draft codes of practice explaining how services can comply with their safety duties relating to protecting children from harmful content.

In July 2022, Ofcom published a roadmap to regulation, which set out its plan for implementing online safety regulation.

Alongside the roadmap, Ofcom also published a call for evidence for the first phase of online safety regulation, which focused in particular on the duties relating to illegal content such as  about options for mitigating online harms, child access assessments and transparency requirements. 

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Source: Ofcom