New Board for the Portuguese media regulator (ERC)

posted on 21 November, 2023   (public)

New Chair and new Board for the Portuguese ERC

News item updated on 25 November

The Portuguese Parliament elected on 30 June 2023 the new members of the Regulatory Board of the Portuguese Media Regulatory Authority (ERC).

On 3 November 2023, the Board appointed unanimously Helena Sousa as Chairperson



The Regulatory Board took office on 7 November and is composed of the following five members:

- Helena Sousa (Chairperson).

- Pedro Correia Gonçalves (Vice President). He is the former Executive Director of the ERC.

- Telmo Gonçalves (Member). He is a former staff of the ERC.

- Carla Martins (Member). She is the former Head of the Media Transparency Unit of the ERC

- Rita Rola (Member)

Helena Sousa is the first woman to be elected as Chairperson of the ERC. A former journalist and professor at the Department of Communication Sciences at the University of Minho, she focused her academic career on the political economy and the regulation of media in Portugal. 

The new Chief of Cabinet of the Board is Maria Manuel Bastos

- The 5 ERC members are appointed for a (non-renewable) period of five years.
- Four of the members are appointed, by resolution, by the Assembly of the Republic.
- Subsequently, they co-opt the fifth person that will integrate this body.

Source: ERC, PolObs and Minho university 

Credit photo: PolObs