Major Events: Report submitted to the Swedish government

posted on 25 November, 2013   (public)

Major Events: Report submitted to the Swedish government

On 15 November 2013, the Swedish Broadcasting Authority (SBA) submitted a Report on a List of designated events considered to be of major importance for society to the government.

In February 2013, the SBA was mandated by the government to analyse and submit proposals for how a list of events of major importance for society could be worded. The mandate also included examining what can be deemed to constitute a "substantial proportion of the public" and what "free television" means further to Article 14 of the AVMS Directive.

According to the proposal, a substantial proportion of the public is not deprived of the possibility of following such events if at least 80 percent of the population has access to the television programme service on free television. The cost of the basic TV subscription fee can be equated with free television as it is the mode of funding of broadcasting that is widely prevailing in Sweden.

The four major television networks in Sweden, Sveriges Television AB, TV4 AB, Modern Times Group MTG AB and SBS Broadcasting Networks Limited, have television programme services that meet these criteria. Events that the SBA consider as relevant for the list are, for instance, the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and the Nobel Banquet.

Press Release of SBA (SE)

Rapport om hur en lista för evenemang i tv skulle kunna utformas (Report on the List of Major Events) (SE)

Source: Swedish Broadcasting Authority