EPRA to meet in Berne to address core objectives of Media Regulation

posted on 19 March, 2015   (public)

EPRA to meet in Berne to address core objectives of Media Regulation

The 41st EPRA meeting will take place in Berne, on 13-15 May 2015 at the joint invitation of the Federal Office for Communications (OFCOM) and the Independent Complaints Authority (ICA).

On this occasion, about 150 delegates from over 50 regulatory authorities in more than 40 countries in Europe are expected to discuss issues related to media regulation and exchange information and best practices on topics of common interest.

2015 is also a very special year for EPRA, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the Platform. In accordance with the Annual Work Programme 2015, the agenda will address core questions of media regulation.

Two Plenary Sessions will focus on how to ensure a sustainable ecosystem for media in Europe that is financially viable and offers a plurality and diversity of content:

  • Plenary Session 1 will address the question of "How to ensure a sustainable ecosystem for the supply and distribution of media content in Europe?". This session will focus on the changes in distribution and consumption triggered by digital technologies and analyse the role that regulatory authorities play in documenting new consumption and distribution patterns, and in providing fair access to content and platforms.

  • Plenary Session 2 will focus on "How to ensure and assess media pluralism and diversity of media content?". This session will look at recent and current initiatives aiming to monitor the level of pluralism. It will show examples of measuring the diversity of offering on the one hand, and the diversity of exposure on the other hand, to see to what extent the diversity of supply and content actually results in a more diverse programme consumption.

The two annual Working Groups will analyse the impact of economic and technological changes brought about by the digital area on the provision of public service content and on audiovisual commercial communications:

  • Working Group 1 will discuss "The provision of public service content in a multiplatform environment". It will focus on the definition of the public service remit in the digital era, as well as on issues of financing, boundaries and possibilities. It will look at the different existing models, report about the recent changes at national level and on the role played by regulators.
  • Working Group 2 will be dedicated to "Audiovisual Commercial Communications - Trends and Challenges". The group will focus on pure advertising issues and consider the difficulties in applying the current terminology of the regulations while also looking at new trends and challenges.

The third ad-hoc Working Group will focus on an issue of collecting and analyzing data, to provide an evidence-base for regulators to better meet policy goals:

  • Working Group 3 "Research & Regulators, an evidence-based approach" will discuss the research needs of regulators. Faced with the changes of the converged media landscape and the announced review of the regulatory framework, regulators will need to be particularly well informed. The ad-hoc group will look at best practices and methodology, partnerships with academia and researchers-in-residence schemes, collaboration with audience research institutes and consultants.

This is a closed event - aimed at EPRA members and observers. Participation upon invitation only.

See the attachment below for further details on the draft Agenda.

Source: EPRA Secretariat


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