Digital Radio: Ofcom unveils 2013 Report

posted on 25 September, 2013   (public)

On 25 September Ofcom has published its Digital Radio Report for 2013 as part of the Digital Radio Action Plan announced by the Government in July 2010. In the report ‘digital radio’ is used in its broadest sense to include all platforms and technologies that allow listeners to access digital radio services. These platforms include DAB digital radio, digital TV and via the internet.

This year’s report shows that the BBC’s national digital audio broadcasting (DAB) multiplex covers 94.4% of homes, while the national commercial digital multiplex covers 89.5%. Local DAB multiplexes are estimated to cover 71.7% of households. BBC 6 Music had the largest number of listeners at 1.74 million. Of stations that are only available through digital platforms, four had at least one million listeners in an average week in 2013.

In the 12 months to the end of June 2013, over a third (33.9%) of all radio listening hours was to digital radio, across various platforms such as DAB, digital TV and the internet or ‘apps’. DAB digital radio sets were the most widely-used means of listening to digital radio, accounting for 64.9% of all digital listening hours in the reported period.

The Digital Radio Report 2013

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Source: Ofcom website


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