The Swedish Media Council has a new director

by Eric Munch (Observer) posted on 24 March, 2022   (public)

New Acting Director for the SMC, pending decision on a potential merger with the Swedish Press, Radio and Television Authority

Kalevi Pitkänen
will succeed Anette Novak as Director of the Swedish Media Council (SMC), effective 1 April 2022, following her appointment as CEO of the Swedish Film Institute. Previously the Head of the Administrative Department, Mr Pitkänen is appointed as acting Director of the SMC, until 15 August 2022.

The Swedish Ministry of Culture is also exploring the possibility of a merger between the SMC and the Swedish Press, Radio and Television Authority; with the objective of creating a single media authority, well-equipped to meet contemporary challenges. The results of the inquiry are to be presented on 15 August 2022 at the latest.

Source: The Swedish Media Council

Image credit: Anna-Lena Ahlström