The Swedish Agency for the Media: merger of the MPRT and the SMC

posted on 09 January, 2024   (public)

Merger of the two Swedish EPRA members

On 1 January 2024, the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority (Myndigheten för press, radio och tv - MPRT) and the Swedish Media Council (Statens medieråd - SMC) merged to become the Mediemyndigheten ("Swedish Agency for the Media").


The Mediemyndigheten takes over the previous tasks of the MPRT and the SMC, namely:

- the protection of freedom of expression;

- media diversity and accessibility;

- media literacy;

- licences, registration and supervision of media;

- media support;

- monitoring and analysis of the media market. 

The new authority is led by Director General Jan-Olof Lind and is organised in four units: the permits and media support unit / the supervision and review unit / the investigation and analysis unit / the communication and promotion unit / the administration unit. 

Further background on the merger:

The plans of the Swedish Ministry of culture to establish a unified authority with broad expertise emerged in 2022. The first annoucement was followed by an investigation about the merger, which was sent to ministers for an assessment. Until then, two regulators, the Swedish Press and Broadcasting Authority and the Swedish Media Council both had duties under the Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD). While the MPRT – less than 40 staff members – aimed at promoting freedom of expression and diversity in the media market and managed the licensing and the review of media content's compliance, the SMC – 25 staff members – dealt with the protection and empowerment of minors. A merger will thus provide better conditions to work with external partners, increase the focus on media literacy and strengthen the Swedish NRA to face the extensive EU law requirements.

The Swedish authorities & EPRA: The Swedish Broadcasting Commission joined EPRA in 1996, followed by the Swedish Radio and TV Authority in 2001. Both institutions have merged in 2010 into the Swedish Press Broadcasting Authority. EPRA welcomed in 2020 the Swedish Media Council whose mission was to protect children and to strenghten media literacy in Sweden. The Mediemyndigheten is now the Swedish member of EPRA.