Social media: A first analysis by the French CSA

posted on 26 February, 2013   (public)

The Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA), the French regulatory authority in charge of broadcasting, published on 19 February 2013, a first analysis of the phenomenon of "social TV," which focuses on the delimitation of its scope, its development, the issue of social audience measurement and its economic impact on broadcasters. 

This document, produced by an internal CSA Commission chaired by Françoise Laborde, also takes into account interviews with various players in the value chain.

The CSA concludes this first analysis by highlighting three objectives that regulators and lawmakers need to keep in mind to ensure a smooth development of Social TV in France.

  •     support the organisation and structure of the market;
  •     stimulate technological innovation;
  •     preserve an area of ​​development for the benefit of French players.

« Première approche de la télévision sociale », Commission de réflexion prospective sur l'audiovisuel (French only)

Source: Website of the French CSA