French CSA reports on representation of women on TV and radio

posted on 08 March, 2017   (public)

French CSA reports on representation of women on TV and radio

On the occasion of International Women's Day and for the second consecutive year, the French Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA) published a report on the representation of women and men in TV and radio programmes.

This report analyses the status of the representation of women, in both quantitative and qualitative terms, in TV and radio programmes in 2016 and the measures undertaken by the French CSA with regard to Women's Rights in 2016.

The study shows that:

  • In general, women are still under-represented (38%) on TV and radio, in particular when they are invited as "experts" (30%) and "political guests" (32%);
  • By contrast, a rather satisfactory rate of women's presence on public service channels (between 36 and 56%) and continuous news channels (40%) is observed;
  • The programmes contributing to the fight against gender stereotypes and violence against women represent an average of 3% of the programmes broadcast;
  • Non-stereotyped programmes, such as "youth", "fiction" and "reality", represent an average of 9% of the programmes broadcast.

For the forthcoming year, the CSA plans to:

  • Promote access to audiovisual production for female directors;
  • Better understand the image of women in advertising;
  • Open a dialogue to improve the representation of women in music videos.

Source: Website of the French CSA