Regulators and cooperation: spotlight on the French toolkit for citizens in the digital age

posted on 20 April, 2021   (public)
  • "Does freedom of expression have limits?

  • How to delete a picture on social networks?

  • Who is responsible in case of cyber-harassment?

  • What role do the media have to play in terms of equality?"

Here are some of the key questions addressed in this first toolkit launched last January.

Providing tutorials, practical guidelines, educational games and reports, the ‘kit pédagogique du citoyen numérique’ is the result of the collaboration of four national independent regulatory authorities: the data protection authority (CNIL), the High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the internet (HADOPI), the Defender of the Rights and the audiovisual regulatory authorities (CSA).

Gathering their expertise and compiling their resources, the regulators address four key themes:

- Rights in the online world;
- Online privacy;
- Online copyright;
- The impact of the use of screens.


Available for free on each of the regulators’ website, educators, parents, children but also adults can find in this toolkit practical advice and information to help them better understand the mechanisms and impacts of the online world for a safer use.

Source: CSA