Radio digital Switchover in Norway: Norwegian Media Authority launches information Campaign

posted on 16 December, 2016   (public)

Radio Digital Switchover in Norway: Norwegian Media Authority launches information Campaign

The Norwegian Media Authority ('Medietilsynet') is responsible for an information campaign which provides neutral information to the general public regarding the digital switchover on radio in 2017 in Norway.

As part of this information campaign, the Authority has prepared information in English, aimed at tourists and professional drivers.

The information in English will be distributed to several organisations in European countries connected to the transport/carrier industry and organisations working with tourism. See below for addditional background as well as two information posters.

From FM to digital radio in Norway

  • The Norwegian parliament has decided to digitize radio in Norway. Consequently, the Norwegian government has decided to fully digitize nationwide radio broadcasts in 2017.
  • This means FM radio broadcasts will be switched off, except broadcasts from smaller local radio stations. The switchover will take place gradually over the course of 2017 and will start in the county of Nordland in January.

Digital radio listening

  • Once the switchover has been completed, radio listeners will have access to digital radio via several platforms, such as DAB+, internet, mobile telephones/apps and TV.
  • If you have an FM radio in your car and drive on Norwegian roads after the FM signals have been switched off, you will only have access to local radio stations in areas with local FM broadcasts. An FM radio cannot receive DAB/DAB+ signals.
  • To be able to listen to the full DAB service in Norway, the car must be equipped with a DAB+ radio or an adapter (with DAB antenna).


  • The major broadcasters in Norway have been responsible for developing the national DAB networks. The broadcasters have chosen to use DAB technology (Eureka 147) to replace the current FM technology. This standard comprises DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), DAB+ and DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting). In Norway, most radio channels in the DAB networks will be transmitted using DAB+.
  • You can read more in the summary of Report No. 8 (2010 - 2011) to the Storting Norwegian proposal on the digitization of radio here (pdf)

Questions about the switchover in Norway?

If you have any questions about the switchover in Norway, please contact the Norwegian Media Authority on:

Source: Norwegian Media Authority