Protection of minors: new age classification criteria adopted by the Spanish CNMC

posted on 24 August, 2015   (public)

CNMC adopted new age classification criteria for protection of minors

On July 9 2015, the Spanish regulator CNMC adopted new criteria for rating audiovisual content. These new criteria were agreed by the CNMC, TV broadcasters and for the first time, social organizations were involved in their preparation.

The new age classification system sets out seven categories of potentially harmful contents: violence, sex or anxiety, drugs and toxic substance, discriminatory practices, imitable conducts and language. The criteria for classification and age rating of such content were also modified to make them more objective and precise and new age rating was also adopted: all ages, 7 years, 12 years, 16 years, 18 years and X content.

The new classification system reduces the possibility to discretionally qualify content, reinforce rights of minors and improve the information provided to parents and educators about the potentially harmful contents.

Source CNMC website