Ofcom (UK): call for evidence on the future of TV distribution

posted on 25 October, 2023   (public)

A call for evidence to better understand the impact of internet and how to adapt broadband networks

Internet has changed the ways users watch TV programmes, creating a wide range of content but a more fragmented experience.

The UK Government has asked the regulator Ofcom to make an early review on the distribution means and the impact of the shift to online platforms on TV broadcast. 

For this purpose, the regulator has launched on 17 October a call for evidence. Providing an overview of the factors that might affect the landscape for TV distribution in the future (changing habits, evolving needs, infrastructure capacities vs. universality...), Ofcom invites stakeholders and users to share their views on the future of TV distribution. 

The aim is to better assess the long-term impact of the internet distribution on TV services to help policy makers understand how broadband networks need to evolve to efficiently respond to users' needs and demands.

The closing date for responses is 12 December 2023

Ofcom's review is expected in spring 2024. 

EPRA Background:
The Future of Content Delivery is a key topic of the EPRA Work Programme 2023 and was addressed during the plenary session of the 57th EPRA meeting in June in Oslo and the 58th EPRA meeting in October in Bucharest.