Ofcom’s Digital Radio Report 2012

posted on 18 October, 2012   (public)

On 17 October 2012, Ofcom published its Digital Radio Report 2012. Following the Government’s Digital Radio Action Plan launched in July 2010, Ofcom was requested to report annually on the availability and take-up of digital radio services. The Action Plan set the conditions to be met before starting a full digital radio switchover: when 50% of all radio listening is via digital platforms, when DAB coverage is comparable to FM and local DAB has reached 90% of population. Ofcom is monitoring the market to see when it is ready for the switchover.

The report includes statistical data on the coverage of DAB multiplexes, sales of DAB sets, digital radio devices' share of radio listening and information on listening to digital radio on various platforms. The report showed that 29.5% of all radio listening hours were to digital radio. The main ways of listening to digital radio were DAB digital radio sets (64,9%), digital TV (15.6%) and online (13.3%).

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Digital Radio Report 2012

Source: Ofcom website