Ofcom publishes its 11th Communications Market Report

posted on 26 August, 2014   (public)

Ofcom publishes its 11th Communications Market Report

Ofcom’s 11th Communications Market Report into the UK’s TV, radio, broadband, telecoms and postal industries, published on 7 August 2014, reveals that a 'millennium generation' of 14 and 15 year olds are the most technology-savvy in the UK and are the first generation to benefit from broadband and digital communications.

Ofcom's research shows that:

  • The highest confidence and understanding of digital communications and technology is reached by mid-teenagers;
  • The communications habits of adults of all ages are shifting as they embrace newer services and take advantage of portable connected devices - the average UK adult now spends more time using media or communications (8 hours 41 minutes) than they do sleeping (8 hours 21 minutes);
  • Tablet and smartphone devices are starting to dominate desktop computers. Over four in 10 households (44%) have a tablet - up from 24% a year ago. Smartphone take-up increased rapidly up to six in 10 adults (61%), compared to 50% a year earlier;
  • On average viewers watched 3 hours 52 minutes of TV per day in 2013. It was the first time since 2009 that TV viewing has fallen below 4 hours per day;
  • 12% of TV households had a smart TV in Q1 2014, smart TVs have increased their market share to 45% of all TV sales;
  • Over the past six years the reach of radio has remained largely unchanged - 90.4% of the adult population tuned into radio in 2013.

Ofcom has also published Communications Market Reports for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Source: Ofcom