New composition for the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia

posted on 15 July, 2019   (public)

Antonio Checa elected as new CAA President

Following the approval of the nominations by the regional governing Council (Consejo de Gobierno de Andalucía), the new members of the Audiovisual Council of Andalusia (CAA) have taken over their responsabilities on 11 July 2019 after a ceremony was held in the Andalusian Parliament.

Nine new councillors have been appointed:

  • Paulino García
  • Pilar Távora
  • Mateo Rízquez
  • Amalia Rodríguez
  • Antonio Checa,
  • Joaquín Durán
  • Pilar Jimeno
  • Ana Millán
  • María Luisa Suero

The first plenary assembly took place on 15 July 2019 to introduce the new President of the authority, Mr. Antonio Checa. He was unanimously elected by the nine members of the CAA. He is replacing Mrs. Emelina Fernández, who was chairing  the regulatory body since 2012.

Antonio Checa, a journalist and former lecturer at the Communication Faculty of the University of Seville, has had a career in the media sector, as a director of different newspapers and journals but also as an editorialist. Besides, he was President of the Association of Historians of Communication and founder of the International Journal of Communication History.

Additional Background: the CAA is the independent audiovisual authority of Andalusia. The Council is a collegiate body, whose decisions are agreed in plenary sessions and is composed of 11 members elected every 5 years.

Source: CAA Website