Misinformation and responsible screen use during the COVID-19 crisis: Catalan CAC launches awareness campaign

posted on 22 April, 2020   (public)

How to encourage a responsible use of media in times of lockdown? An initiative from the Catalan audiovisual authority

Most of European countries are experiencing lockdown restrictions, increasing the exposure of citizens to media and also to misinformation. In response, as part of its EduCAC program, the Catalan Audiovisual Council (CAC) launched in April 2020  an audiovisual campaign aimed at fighting misinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic and encouraging a responsible screen use during the lockdown.

This campaign entails four animated videos and four radio announcements posted on social media and broadcast on a regular basis and during prime-time from 8 April to 26 April on TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio.

Provided with English subtitles, the campaign focuses on two issues:

  • Two audiovisual messages relating to misinformation to encourage people to check the source, date and integrity of news and to rely only on official communications.


Video 1  

Video 2



  • Two audiovisual messages relating to the increased screen use during lockdown with the mottoes ‘Be smart about screen time’ and ‘Learn to plug in, learn to unplug’. These videos recommend for instance establishing screen use and times rules at home, making areas in the house for being online and offline and provides tips to protect privacy and children.


Video 1

Video 2



Source: CAC